We Keep God 1st in everything we do !
Many kids are taken unjustly from families and placed with foster parents where they are several times more likely to be abused, placed on harmful medications, or die, than they are with birth parents.   These Kids wind up being victims of child predators and trafficked for sex.  #exposepedogate  #Defund title 4 and 10 #Demand Jury Trials Family Court #Family Rights
Family courts and contractors have plead guilty to crimes that alienate children from fit parents with unequal custody orders.  Sometimes they take children from fit parents in divorce cases to receive federal dollars based on amount of child support orders issued.  These courts do not follow the Bill of Rights or rules of criminal court offering financial kickback through conflicts of interest. The # 1 reason for removal of a child is for drug addiction followed by domestic violence and neither are classified as a crime there for no option for Trial by Jury while child is sent to strangers home being denied of Grand Parents and other family. Help us strenghten laws and set Jury Trials so save children and parents.

We are an umbrella group fighting against all family court rights
violations dealing with divorce, parenting, child support, visitation,
drug rehabilitation, domestic violence, child removal and adult
removal.  We seek to unify groups in our lobbying efforts.
We are human rights activists fighting for the right to be a parent and
protect children.  Many times children are kept fom one or both parents by an unjust court system that utilizes children for financial gain. Each year we assemble to lobby congress and inform our President ofwhat is happening and provide soloution through legislation.